It is an unforgettable sleep experience in an original camping barrel. Through the 1,8 x 2 meter bed you have enough space for sleeping, cuddling and dreaming. Enjoy the unique night in real wooden barrels. Look at how the ships to go past him, let yourself be indulge by our kitchen and recharge your batteries. The original Camp barrel, overnight without own equipment: cozy, ecological 100% wood, large bed, extendable table, outside seating, spacious luggage compartment and possibility for 2 extra children's beds (sleeping bag and pillow for the extra sleeps bring your own). All the sleepingbarrels are heatened. Pets are not allowed in our sleep barrels.


In our camping barrel you sleep not only look good, but you can also sit comfortably together, play cards or board games. Dad can work on his notebook, mom can read a book. there is not only a bed, but has, so to speak 2 rooms that can be used. Whether it´s raining, snowing or sun - the camping barrel is a safe and peaceful staying.





NEW: XXL-wine-sleeping-barrel,
extra large sleepingbarrel with own toilet, refrigerator, coffeemaker, teamaker, 2 opening windows, large bed 200x180, sitting area, storrage
space and possibility for 2 extra children's beds.


When you like extra luxary, you can book our  bettshapes package  (7,50 p/P)




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