Fun for all ages

Spaß für Groß und Klein - Camingplatz Alf

Fun for all ages

Water fun included!
At the campsite the river Alfbach runs along. The stream flows calmly in summer and is not deep (10-100 cm). At the river you can work off on warmer days and discover aquatic life.

Swimming in the volcano?
In 15 min. drive you can reach the Eifelmaare, where you can swim in the volcanoes. The Maare are among the cleanest and clearest waters in Germany – a lake that has collected in the volcano crater!

Indoor water park
The Zeller water park with water slide, outdoor pool and indoor pool is 7 km from Alf.

Fancy marshmallows?
Every week there is a campfire on our campsite. You can have bread rolls or tasty marshmallows.

Canoeing on the Moselle
We offer various services, as well as booking of a canoe tour on the Mosel. You can just let us know and we will organize your tour.

Search of gems in the creek
After a “magic night” the gems of the castle treasure can be found in the river. Here you can find, collect and keep your stones.

At the reception you get the bows, arrows and everything else you need. You will train on the other side of the stream where you can get to know archery in a natural environment. The shooting and aiming will be a great experience!

At the camping playground you can play, there are various playground equipment available. Our camping soccer pitch also offers teenagers the opportunity to befriend while playing.

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