Campingplatz Alf Aktivitäten EN

Moselcampingplaz Alf - Planwagenfahrt

Wagon trip

Pure enjoyment during a covered wagon trip to the most beautiful Mosella viewpoints around the mountain "Calmont". Mount Calmont is the steepest wine mountain in Europe with climbs of 65-70 ° and lies in a unique river and cultural landscape. From the viewpoint you look at the...

Spaß für Groß und Klein - Camingplatz Alf

Fun for all ages

Water fun included! At the campsite the river Alfbach runs along. The stream flows calmly in summer and is not deep (10-100 cm). At the river you can work off on warmer days and discover aquatic life. Swimming in the volcano? In 15 min. drive you can reach...

Mosel Camping